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Alarm Response Services in Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton

Are you worried about the security of your business or home? Do you get tired of monitoring false alarms? Don’t worry, Tri-West Security has you covered with rapid alarm response solutions in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. We rapidly respond to alarms on your commercial or residential property to investigate and secure the location. Our alarm response solutions provide you with comprehensive updates and reports of all the activities at your location.

At Tri-West Security, we treat all our customers as our top priority and offer 24/7 coverage for your security needs. Our video monitoring and response services are closely integrated with up-to-date technology with our security dispatch guards to provide clients with fast and reliable information. Call us to learn more about alarm response services.

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Our Alarm Response Services

Tri-West Security understands the sooner we arrive, the lower the chances of disruption or loss to your security. When an activation alarm is triggered, our staff coordinates with the patrol or response teams to carry out a comprehensive review of the premises to identify the cause of the alarm. Our licensed security guards are equipped to deal with the situation or contact law enforcement if necessary. We remain on-site following the alarm response until the premises are secured or until a designated member of your management team arrives.


Our services include:

24/7 off-site remote monitoring to detect theft, fire and flood

Trained & licensed security guards

Guards equipped with the GPS navigation system, smartphone, and emergency response procedures

Fully marked and equipped patrol car

Instant communication with additional Tri-West Security resources and/or law enforcement for emergency response

Emergency contact alerts

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Why You Need Alarm Response Security

Whether it’s after work hours at the worksite or you’re away from your home, you need constant security surveillance to protect your commercial or residential property. Trust professional security guards at Tri-West Security for 24/7 coverage and rapid alarm response services to handle any security emergency.


Key benefits of alarm response include:

Ensures security of your workplace or home

Protection against theft & vandalism

Quick professional response in emergencies

Around the clock coverage

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Get Alarm Response Services Today!

Tri-West Security has over 10 years of combined experience providing customized security solutions. Our team of reliable and professional licensed security guards holds licensing from Alberta Solicitor General and additional training from law enforcement professionals. Contact us today to discuss remote video monitoring and alarm response for your property in Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton.

24/7 Rapid Alarm Response

Dedicated professional alarm response services in Calgary and Red Deer for your security

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