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Commercial and Industrial Security in Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton

Tri-West Security provides commercial and industrial security solutions in Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton for oilfields, construction sites, shopping centres, office complexes, public access buildings, businesses and more. Securing your commercial or industrial premises with licensed and trained security guards can significantly reduce your risk of compromised security, theft and vandalism, break-ins and provide you with a safer workplace. 

Tri-West Security security guards are licensed and trained to conduct scheduled walking perimeter patrols of industrial yards and parking lots. We ensure security at each business checking gate and lock. To be assured of transparency with our clients, daily or weekly activity reports are provided to all our clients. For commercial buildings, security guards can be stationed at points of entry in corporate offices or any public access buildings. If you are looking for top-notch security guards for your commercial security contact Tri-West Security today.

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Comprehensive Commercial and Industrial Service Solutions

Every commercial or industrial field site requires a layered security approach for ensuring the safety of the property. Tri-West Security offers a diverse range of security services that integrate technology and customer service for our commercial and industrial clients.


Our services include:

Entry point and checkpoint verification of visitors and employees, ensuring only authorized personnel is allowed entry.

Stationed security guards / static guards in offices, public access buildings, oil sites to facilitate security of the site.

Mobile patrols of industrial yards, parking lots, perimeter patrols of businesses, construction sites, checking locks and gates.

Activity reports provided to clients.

Emergency response or alarm response services.

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Why You Need Licensed, Professional Security Guards

Your security is important to us. Regardless of your building type or location, companies are vulnerable to a variety of security concerns including theft and vandalism. From monitoring, deterring crime, to providing peace of mind, here are key benefits to having  professional security guards at your business:

Deterring crime

Deterring crime at the workplace

A professional security guard can protect your property from various burglary activities by detecting suspicious activity and can take necessary measures before it can turn into a big problem. Apart from that, they can help law enforcement agencies in severe cases.

Sense of security

Sense of security

They provide a sense of safe working environment to the business owners, employees, and customers, which can increase employee retention in the organization.

Ensure Quick response

Ensure quick response time

A professional security guard will be relatively quick to respond to a situation immediately until the arrival of the police at your place.


Licensed security guards can also patrol your property, monitor camera activities, control room operations, and respond to alarms well on time.

If you are planning to hire a licensed security guard, give us a call.

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Why Choose Us?

At Tri-West Security, we take a great interest in understanding your security needs and help you develop an integrated solution customized to address your business security needs and budgets. Our experienced team of licensed security guards is fully certified under ProTect, ProServe, and WHMIS and holds training from law enforcement professionals. Contact us today to discuss plans for industrial and commercial security in Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton.

Protect Your Business

Comprehensive commercial and industrial security services in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

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