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Patrol service
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Reliable Mobile Patrol Services in Calgary,
Red Deer & Edmonton

Tri-West Security offers mobile patrol services for commercial and industrial sites throughout Central Alberta. Our licensed security guards can conduct random or regular, scheduled patrols during the day or night to secure your property and deter criminal activity. Our officers can conduct vehicle or foot patrols, checking gates and locks. Activity reports are recorded and provided to all clientele weekly or daily. Contact us today to learn more about our patrol services.

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Increasing Your Security with Patrol Services

Mobile patrol services may be the right option for you if you don’t need full-time security stationed at one point or 24/7 coverage. If you have a larger site or need security in the evenings when your employees are gone, patrol services have the mobility to monitor a larger area such as an industrial yard or parking lot. Our trained and licensed security guards monitor for damages to the property, suspicious activity, check that entrances are locked, and remove unauthorized persons. Mobile patrol services in Calgary and Red Deer are beneficial for:

Quick action

Mobile patrol security guards can respond quickly on foot or by vehicle to alarm activations or other security threats.

Maximum coverage

With mobile patrol services, a larger perimeter can be covered for all areas of your setting, multiple buildings, or entrances.


If you are unable to hire full-time security personnel, mobile patrol services can help monitor your property at consistent intervals.

Criminal deterrence

Patrol services monitoring your site at random or scheduled intervals deter potential criminals.

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Locations Typically Needing Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile patrol services can cover a lot of sensitive areas on your property. These include:

Office buildings

Strip malls


Educational Institutions

Healthcare facilities

Parking lots

Warehouse facilities

Construction sites

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Why Choose Our Patrol Services? 

We have more than 10 years of experience in law enforcement and security, providing safe and reliable services in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. Our experienced, licensed and professional security guards are ready to face any situation. We work with you to create a customized patrol inspection plan to secure your commercial or industrial property. Contact us today to request a quote for mobile patrol services in Calgary and Red Deer to protect your site.

Keep Your Guard Up

Protect your property in Calgary and Red Deer with reliable mobile patrol services from licensed security guards.

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