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Give Your Worries to Us: Security Tower in Alberta

At Tri-West Security, we understand the paramount importance of safety and security. With our team of highly trained security guards and cutting-edge solutions, you can rest assured that your safety concerns are in capable hands. Our security guards are well-equipped to manage and address all your safety and security needs, providing you with peace of mind around the clock. When protecting what matters most to you, trust Security Tower Solutions and services in Alberta to stand vigilant and safeguard your interests.

Tri-West Security

Lighting is a highly effective yet underutilized method of ensuring safety and security around your house, office or any other location. At Tri-West Security, we deal in lighting solutions to meet this need of our customers. Supplying throughout Alberta, we provide two modern, effective and cost-efficient lighting solution models to help you secure your locations.

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Installing a Security Tower for Surveillance: Key Benefits

Find out the advantages of security tower installation below: 

Enhanced security: The presence of a security tower itself acts as a deterrent to potential threats. Its high vantage point and visibility make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to approach your property unnoticed.

24/7 surveillance: Security towers can provide round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring your premises are always protected, including during nighttime when security risks often increase.

Quick response: In the event of suspicious activity, a surveillance company can quickly respond to the situation, either through on-site security personnel or by alerting law enforcement, helping to prevent potential incidents from escalating.

Cost-effective: A security tower can be a cost-effective solution compared to hiring and training on-site security personnel. It eliminates the need for employee training and other associated costs.

Versatility: Mobile security towers are highly versatile and can be moved to different locations as needed. This flexibility allows you to effectively adapt to changing security requirements and respond to specific threats.

Advanced technology: Surveillance companies often equip security towers with state-of-the-art technology, including high-definition cameras, motion sensors, and facial recognition software, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Reduced liability: With professional surveillance in place, you can mitigate liability concerns. Video evidence can be crucial in resolving disputes, preventing false claims, and protecting your business legally.

Improved employee safety: A security tower helps protect employees by providing a secure work environment. This can boost employee morale and productivity, knowing their safety is a priority.

Remote monitoring: Many surveillance companies offer remote monitoring services, allowing you to access live feeds and recorded footage from the security tower on your mobile device or computer, providing real-time visibility and peace of mind.

Customizable solutions: Surveillance companies can tailor security tower solutions to your specific needs, ensuring you receive security and coverage matching your unique requirements.

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Metrolite HLT-6100 Light Tower

The metrolite HLT-6100 LED Light Tower uses solar power to illuminate your nighttime operations efficiently. This model uses daylight to efficiently, continually and cost-effectively illuminate your job site at night. This is a product that delivers on its promise without fail. Some of its notable features are:

Solar and diesel hybrid capabilities that maximize fuel savings

Heavy-duty steel galvanized frame and mast

GPS and telematics capable automatic on at dusk, off at dawn feature

Auxiliary power outlet and rugged, multi-stage vertical mast

4 outriggers and 1600-watt inverter

6 VisionX LED lamps reversible pintle hitch/ball hitch

Powder-coated steel exterior Kubota engine

Almost no CO2 emission and noise makes it environment-friendly

Lower operational and engine maintenance cost

Reduced labour cost and spillage due to less frequent refuelling needs

Click here to learn more about the product.

Tri-West Security is the authorized dealer of this model in Alberta. You can contact us to learn more about its features, suitability and installation; we will gladly help you.

Metrolite HLT-6100 Light Tower
secutiy tower with truck
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Metrolite ELT-4320 LED Light Tower

Nimble and compact, the new octagonal-shaped metrolite ELT-4320 LED Light Tower is ready to illuminate your job site. Thanks to its special sockets, this light tower can be connected in a series of up to 5 units. This compact light tower has 28 units per container and is low in weight, making it easy to move and transport. The illumination from ELT-4320 covers a wide area, ensuring vigilance and security for your site.


Following are some of its notable features:

Lighting tower without an internal generator, manual lifting system included

Wheelbarrow-style base and handles for easy movement

Connectable by network supply or generator, and can be connected in a series up to 5 units

Heavy-duty galvanized, multi-stage mast

1 single-phase socket 120V and 20A

Trolley fitted out with 2 wheels and 2 retractable handles

Forklift pockets and hooks

On-off switch for lamps

Epoxy powder-coated structure is suitable for outdoor applications

15A/120V power for single unit

30A/240V power for a series of 1-5 units

Click here to learn more about the product.

Tri-West Security officially deals with this model throughout Alberta. You can contact us to learn more about its features, suitability and installation; we will gladly help you.

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Install Security Tower

Secure your area/property/site.

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