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Advantages of Hiring Mobile Security Patrols for Your Business

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If your business is your pride and joy, it's no surprise that you want to protect it.

Whatever it is that you keep on location, or even if the property itself is the asset, the things that keep your business working are worth keeping safe. Protecting your premises and contents helps you to protect your profits and progress as a company, so leaving your business' base of operations unmonitored overnight is an understandable source of worry.

That's where mobile security patrols come in. 


Keep your business safe with the help of a regular security patrol. This article will explain more about the key benefits of this worthwhile investment.

What Are Mobile Security Patrols?

The first thing to know is this: a mobile security patrol will always consist of licensed security guards.

But unlike a stationed security guard, a security patrol officer is not restricted to guarding one spot. Instead, they move around by foot or by vehicle, providing constant surveillance for your entire premises.

This means that a mobile patrol is well suited to businesses that need larger areas covered. They are also ideal for any business owner who would feel safer knowing that the whole perimeter of their property was being monitored.

Around the Clock Security

Having someone looking after your premises 24/7 is a clear benefit of hiring a mobile security patrol. The nighttime is far more likely to bring crime to your business' doorstep, so it's important to have someone there to deter wrongdoers.

Just the visible presence of security officers and vehicles will be enough to put most with bad intentions off.

With a mobile security patrol on your side, you can be sure that the whole of your property is being surveilled. This takes away the worry that might be keeping you up at night: what if someone sees that my premises are unguarded and tries to break in?

The presence of foot or vehicle patrols can be the security deterrent that discourages any criminal activity on your premises and brings you peace of mind.

Regular Checks Keep Your Business Safe From Harm

Having security officers on-site means there's always somebody around to see that nothing's going wrong at your business. First and foremost this applies to potential criminal activity, but your guards can also keep an eye out for other unusual things.

This means that they can respond quickly to unexpected emergencies.

Whether this is sudden evacuation, emergency first aid, or enacting a fire safety plan, officers who undertake foot patrols can be briefed and have the expertise to deal with troublesome situations. You can be sure your property and people are safe.

Mobile Security Patrols Are Cost-Efficient

If your business is busy and buzzing with people during the day, there's a chance you don't need one more pair of eyes looking out for trouble. With a mobile patrol, you can get security coverage for off hours when you’re off site, or for hourly check ins throughout the day.

Keep Your Business Safe

Mobile security patrols can take care of all your safety and security needs. If you've been worrying about your premises, you can put a stop to that today and start enjoying your evenings away from work.

There's no time like the present to secure your property. Get in touch with Tri-West Security today and hire licensed security guards for mobile patrols to protect your business in Calgary and Red Deer.



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